Reasons Why Vinyl Siding May Not Be Appropriate for your Home in or near Madison, WI

Vinyl Siding Madison WIThere are lots of reasons why homeowners choose to install vinyl siding on their homes in the Madison area. Vinyl is relatively inexpensive, after all, and is a popular choice for that reason alone. However, there are good reasons to choose to wrap your home in seamless steel siding from ABC Seamless Home Specialists. Our family-owned and -operated company has served the region since 1975, helping homeowners rethink their home improvement decisions by educating them on the superiority of steel siding over cheap, inferior vinyl products.

One important consideration is durability. Vinyl siding can crack, warp, or fade when subjected to impacts or exposed to harsh weather conditions, leaving your home looking much less attractive. Steel siding can withstand impacts from hail and wind-blown debris, and won’t fade under intense UV exposure. This means your home is not only well-protected from the elements, but will look great for many years to come.

Other considerations include:

  • Vinyl siding is installed in pre-cut lengths, leaving seams to mar your home’s profile. Our steel siding is seamless, resulting in a clean, sophisticated look.
  • Because it’s seamless, there are fewer opportunities for heat transfer, making our steel siding much more energy efficient than vinyl.
  • Steel siding can be customized with different profiles and styles, and a wide array of colors, all tailored to match your personal taste and preferences.

Contact ABC Seamless Home Specialists today to learn more about our seamless steel siding products for your home in or near Madison, WI, and why our products are far superior to any vinyl siding products on the market today.