The Components of House Windows in the Madison, WI, Area

House Windows Madison WIWith so many options available for house windows, you may be unsure of what is the best choice for your home in the Madison, WI, area. Since the window industry has its own language, it is helpful to know some basic terms for the parts that make up a window, so that you can discuss your options with confidence and authority.

When looking for new house windows in the Madison, WI, area, here are a few terms to be familiar with:

  • Frame – The framework that surrounds and supports the entire window
  • Head – The horizontal part forming the top of the window frame
  • Sill – The horizontal part forming the bottom of the window frame
  • Jambs – The main vertical parts forming the sides of the window frame
  • Sashes – The moveable part that you lift, lower, push, or slide to open the window
  • Rails – The horizontal pieces of a sash
  • Stiles – The vertical pieces of a sash
  • Panes – The transparent panels of a window that are usually made of glass
  • Mullion – A vertical or horizontal piece that holds two or more window pieces together
  • Grilles – Decorative pieces that divide window panels and give the glass the appearance of having multiple panes

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