Roofing Options for Homeowners in or near Stoughton, WI

Roofing Stoughton WIIf you need to repair or replace your roofing in Stoughton, Wisconsin, or any nearby community, contact the roof installation experts at ABC Seamless Home Specialists. We have helped homeowners throughout the region protect and beautify their properties since 1975 by installing superior steel roofing systems. Whether you have to repair recent storm damage, or are just tired of replacing asphalt shingles on your home, ABC Seamless Home Specialists has the roof solution you need.

We install commercial-grade, 28-gauge steel roofing systems that have a top-notch four-way interlocking system to hold everything in place. Our steel roof will stay put in winds of up to 160 mph, and will easily withstand impacts from hail and wind-blown debris, making it the perfect protection system for your home when severe weather strikes in the Stoughton area.

But there are other good reasons to choose a steel roofing system for your home, too, including:

  • Fire protection – Steel is not combustible, so common causes of roof fires, like bonfire embers and fireworks sparks, are not a concern.
  • Home insulation – Our steel roofs are made with Cool Roof technology, which reflects UV rays and prevents unwanted heat accumulation in the summer. Plus, steel insulates against cold in the winter, helping maintain a more constant indoor temperature and reducing the workload on your HVAC system.
  • Aesthetics – Our steel roofing products come in an amazing array of styles and colors, so you’ll be able to perfectly match the existing architecture and color palette of your home.

For more information on roofing options, or to receive an in-home presentation, contact ABC Seamless Home Specialists today. We’re proud to serve homeowners in Stoughton, WI, and all surrounding communities.