Vinyl Siding | Polymer Siding

When searching for a polymer or vinyl siding contractor in Southern Wisconsin chose the Seamless Siding 00014experts at ABC Seamless Home Specialists for quality products and installation.  We are experts in all types of siding materials, yet we recommend ABC Seamless Steel Siding due to the great value it provides in product strength, durability, appearance and cost of ownership.

Vinyl siding and polymer siding are often poplar options when considering siding but many homeowners are not aware of the material’s risks and vinyl siding’s potential higher costs. While vinyl and polymer-sided homes may be adequate for normal weather conditions, these materials may not hold up under the extreme  fluctuations in weather that we experience in our area. Since vinyl siding is flimsy, and must be installed by nailing loosely, it is also highly susceptible to high winds and storms as well.  Cold winters tend to make the siding brittle, while hot temperatures in the summer create warps and wrinkles.   For these reasons most “lifetime” vinyl siding systems fail to meet their marketing claims.

Seamless Steel Siding installed on your home on the other hand, will last for decades because Steel siding systems will not melt from weather related heat and will offer superior storm and wind protection.